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Boxpark Shoreditch

Artist: James Thistlethwaite

Location: Boxpark Shoreditch, London, UK

Status: Completed

About the Artist:

For this project artist James Thistlethwaite was focused on capturing an adventurous spirit. He wanted to focus on any viewer and their own personal adventure to allow all visitors the opportunity to relate to the narratives and thereby project themselves into each scene. This focus on discovering new frontiers is reflected in Thistlethwaite’s own decision to push charcoal as a medium in street art. The yellow jackets amplify the adventure or journey taken by viewers. Yellow heightens the variations in interpretation; although it is a color that is so narrow on the visible spectrum, it has the ability to represent the widest range in human emotion: from happiness to caution.

The Location:

Boxpark Shoreditch opened in 2011 as the world's first pop-up mall. The concept utilised the modern street food market and placed local and global brands side by side, to create a unique shopping and dining destination. Entirely constructed out of refitted shipping containers, Boxpark showcases a unique position in being able to offer affordable and flexible leases for lifestyle brands, cafes, restaurants and galleries to trade and succeed.

The Project:

Spearheaded and organized by Elephants & Castles, Boxpark Shoreditch received eleven mural installations completed by artist James Thistlethwaite. AP played a supporting role to both artist James Thistlethwaite and Elephants & Castles. AP supported our artist through project management, delivering digital elements, and supporting a social media campaign to create a new visual installation in the UK.

Thistlethwaite x Boxpark Sticker Pack
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