Aquila Projects @ WorkWell

About Us

WorkWell opened its doors in Irvine in July of 2018. Their idea was simple: to create discursive spaces for growing businesses to find a community in an open-concept office setting. Just like WorkWell modernizes the office, Aquila Projects @ WorkWell, creates a new environment for emerging artists who resonate with our idea for discovery and community.


The City of Irvine thrives on creativity in visualizing possibilities for the future. The gallery aims to foster a community of contemporary artists to allow a variety of ideas to surface, and collaborative initiatives to follow. Art constantly changes its definitions to include new ideas and new technologies to reshape the way people think about the world. Aquila Projects @ WorkWell works with artists who not only push boundaries in the studio, but also alter perceptions in life: curators, musicians, teachers, writers, dancers. These people use space and art as a means for resistance and change and we offer an open invitation for you to join in the fun.


Saturday and Sunday 11am - 3pm

or by appointment


Please note that Aquila Projects @ WorkWell is closed 1-2 weeks prior to an exhibition. Please note dates that we are open for exhibitions.

Gallery Director

Jasmin Pannier




17322 Murphy Ave., Irvine, CA 92614