Aquila Projects is an art consulting firm that connects artists and clients to create active and exploratory installations, exhibitions, and projects.

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What We Do

We are Artistic Space-Making Strategists, working with academic institutions, private organizations and global brands to connect both the individual buyer and communities to contemporary artists. By re-arranging how we ‘live’ in space, we allow more flexibility for the field of public art and experiential opportunities. We can support in outlining place-making strategies, artistic goals, developing public art opportunities, and connecting innovative-creative partners.



We collaborate with emerging-innovative artists and private organizations to bring a focused and diverse direction to each opportunity. Each space is more than just a container or receptacle, but becomes a proactive community of ideas. Our curators have experience developing a critical spatial awareness and have worked with everything from cultural events, festivals, murals, sculptures, videos, installations, and multimedia works.


We are Artists for Artists, working with curators, collectors, and museums to support and build sustainable careers for emerging artists. With dedicated contemporary artists, academic writers and art historians on staff, we prioritize the growth of artists in the larger market with research driven support on everything from creating public art masterplans, writing specific gallery show proposals, biographical writing and a host of other support services.